began my soap making adventures after searching for a superior bar of natural
soap with a creamy lather and properties that would maintain the health of my skin. My grandmother told me about how my great-grandmother Kathryn would make lye soap for the family. Because I have always had a strong connection with that farm girl way of life it made sense to make a batch for myself. I loved it, and so did my friends and family. After a few people suggested that I sell the soap, I realized that a business could be born in my little kitchen.

Since that exciting beginning I have devoted myself to researching and perfecting the formula for my soap. My degree in Environmental Studies did not fully prepare me for the applied chemistry of soap making, but it did shape my mission to create a sustainable product. I read every book I could find, and worked with other soap makers to learn the art and science of soap. I quickly outgrew my kitchen and moved to a specially designed studio on the farm. Although production has grown exponentially I remain true to my roots and my initial goal to create a superior product.

I commit to using only the finest quality ingredients in my products, and I skip all of the chemical fragrances, additives, and preservatives which may cause skin problems, as well as health issues. As you browse our online store, you are sure to notice that the ingredient lists for my products are short and pure. I also strive to protect the environment by sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients, and by making a biodegradable product that does not pollute our water supply. I am currently engaged in new development projects in order to offer a larger selection of soap scents, as well as other body care products. I welcome feedback. I hope to build a community that can play a part in the continuing creativity and growth of Fresh Little Farm Girl. We are raising the bar on natural soap.

My Grandmother (right) on her parents' farm